Directors Refreshers Course

Training Category: Soft Skill
Role of the Board of Directors (BoD) is paramount in driving the Bank by maintaining high standard of corporate governance, safeguarding the interest of the depositors and meeting the expectations of the stakeholders.Whilst BoD delegates the authority to the Director(s), CEO or any other officials, the ultimate responsibility lies onthem, which is substantiated by NRB Directives No 6/075, Section No 2 (e).The Acts, Rules, Regulations, Bylaws, Directives and Circulars are also amended from time to time, which also need to be taken into account by the BoD, while formulating Policies, setting the risk appetite and monitoring the performance. With regards to the above, a "Directors Refresher Course" has been designed for the Board of the Directors of the Banks and Financial Institutions, so that it would be beneficial to them to further understanding their roles and responsibilities, rules and regulations, etc and having revision/refreshment on the amendment/changes.